Ask The Teacher . . . Why Is Shoulder Stand Called the “Queen of All Yoga Postures?


Ask The Teacher . . . Why Is Shoulder Stand Called the “Queen of All Yoga Postures?


Have you ever heard these phrases? “He shoulders the world’s problems” or ” I had to shoulder my way into the company.”


The shoulders show our tension, sadness, depression, weariness and failures and for some, a hard life.

When our shoulders are in alignments, away from the ears and chest lifted, we usually feel happier and more confident. The lungs have more space and freedom, the spine is lifted and the heart opens to life.

The Sanskrit word, Salamba Sarvangasana , means entire body is supported. Not only is the entire body supported by the shoulders and arms, this pose also soothes and nourishes the whole body.

Every part of the body is involved in shoulder stand by the actions of lifting, turning, extending, and pressing. Shoulder stand makes the body vibrant from the fingers to the toes. With practice, the yoga student develops sensitivity in every part of his/her body. This total action is yoga.

The health benefits of shoulder stand are well known and documented. This posture supplies fresh oxygenated blood to the thyroid and parathyroid glands, which soothes the nerves, stimulates the kidneys, and calms the mind. Holding this pose for even two minutes can quiet a restless mind and body.

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