The Many Benefits of a Private Yoga Session

People love to come see me for private yoga classes in my beautiful well-equipped yurt studio in my garden in Santa Cruz. Individual sessions can be beneficial for many reasons. Here are just a few:

  • You get my undivided attention and focus on you and your development as a yoga student.
  • Private sessions are tailor-made to meet your particular needs and concerns, building on your strengths and addressing your weaknesses.
  • You can use privates to specifically work on mastering a pose you find challenging, such as shoulderstand, headstand or handstand.
  • People with particular back care concerns—like scoliosis—can benefit from special sequences and instruction.
  • People with injuries or conditions like low back pain, a knee replacement, or other physical limitations can use a private to ask questions, discover how yoga might help them, and experience poses first-hand.
  • If you are new, unsure or frightened, you get to experience the benefits of yoga in a private, safe, supportive environment.
  • If you feel you won’t fit in a regular class for any reason, you may prefer the personalized approach offered in a private session.
  • A private is a great place to establish a personalized sequence to practice at home. And if you already have an established home practice, you can come to a private so I can evaluate, modify, or help you further develop the sequences you do at home.
  • If you have a schedule that keeps you from attending a regular class, privates are a more flexible option.

What Happens When You Come In For a Private Session?

When you call me, I’ll talk to you about your reasons for wanting a private session so I can be prepared when you arrive.

Come to your session wearing comfortable, non-restrictive clothes that you can move in. I will then guide you through a sequence specially designed to fit your personal needs.

You can book one private or a series. Some people come to several; others prefer privates on an ongoing basis.

Fill out the form below to book a Private Yoga Session:

Lauren A.

“I’ve been taking Iyengar yoga classes from Karyn for well over ten years. Because of yoga, I’ve continued to have the strength and flexibility to enjoy a variety of sports and outside activities. Karyn’s methods have been the reason I’ve chosen to continue with her. She’s an excellent teacher.”

— Lauren A.

Scheduling Private Yoga Sessions

New Students can schedule a free 15-minute call with Karyn to discuss your interest in Private Yoga Sessions.

Existing Students can schedule in-person (Santa Cruz Studio) or online Private Yoga Sessions here.

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