Catherine Murphy

“Karyn is an outstanding yoga teacher. She prepares careful and purposeful sequences for each class session and gives clear directions and demonstrations. Karyn has taught me that yoga is an individual practice with room for continual improvement and growth. Through her encouragement, patience, and kindness, she’s helped me overcome my fears of specific poses by guiding me step-by-step, modifying how I do the pose, and integrating the use of props to help me achieve good results. At the end of each class, I always feel strengthened and peaceful.”

— Catherine M.

Jill D.

“Karyn has helped me immensely by teaching me to navigate my scoliosis with yoga. She’s taught me why I couldn’t get into specific poses and how to make adjustments using props. Our private sessions are wonderful because Karyn tailors the day’s practice to my current needs.”

— Jill D.


“Karyn is an attentive and intuitive teacher who adapts every pose to work for everyone in the room. And that room—what an inspiring, welcoming space to practice. Every class sequence is carefully sculpted with each student in mind.

Karyn has been by my side to support me, whether it is an emotional or a physical need. She assisted me through several injuries as well as a total hip replacement. With her knowledge of Iyengar Yoga, the mind/body/soul, how it works, I healed and became stronger with grace. It is truly a gift to be on the path of life with Karyn where I look forward to every yoga pose, every breath, every day, every person, and every moment. Karyn’s teaching touches my soul.”

— Claire P.

Lauren A.

“I’ve been taking Iyengar yoga classes from Karyn for well over ten years. Because of yoga, I’ve continued to have the strength and flexibility to enjoy a variety of sports and outside activities. Karyn’s methods have been the reason I’ve chosen to continue with her. She’s an excellent teacher.”

— Lauren A.

Dorian S.

“Karyn is a wonderful yoga teacher who has inspired me to make yoga a part of my life every day.”

— Dorian

“Theoretically knowing the correct way to do a pose is one thing. Learning how to get to that place with an imperfect body and lifelong habits is something else entirely and Karyn excels in guiding her students along that journey. Through her teaching, I am learning to access and strengthen muscles that are underused and weak, taking the stress off overused and tight muscles, resulting in fewer body aches and pains. After her classes, I always feel calm but energized—in a much better place than when I arrived. But my favorite thing about Karyn is her passion for yoga. You can tell she really loves what she does and truly cares about her students.”

— Rae S.

“Karyn is a wonderfully patient and encouraging teacher. After my private classes with Karyn, I always feel wiser about my body and my yoga practice.”

— Laura K.

“I’ve really enjoyed my private lessons with Karyn. They’ve helped me understand yoga and my practice, and she’s been able to help me with the poses I needed to adjust after I had knee replacement surgery.”

— Gino C.

“I have been going to Karyn Bristol’s yoga classes for eight years. She’s helped me pay attention to proper form and alignment and always gives very good cues that help me get the most out of my poses. Karyn offers modifications that help me work my way towards a difficult pose. After class, I always feel relaxed, rejuvenated and at home in my body. With yoga, I love that there is always more for me to learn.”

— Mona H.

“Karyn is as dedicated to her own learning as she is to her students. Her classes are an exploration of mind, body, and spirit, guided by her study, experience, and personal interest in each student’s particular needs.”

— Susan M.