Ask The Teacher . . . Is a Yoga Practice a Good “Health Plan?”


Ask The Teacher . . . Is a Yoga Practice a Good “Health Plan?”


I know that I feel pretty good after a yoga class, but do you truly believe that yoga can have a positive impact on my future health?


You know your question makes me recall a time long ago in my youth. I was a kid when JFK initiated his national fitness program. I know that his vision for a healthy nation has affected me my entire life. During that time, I went on my first long 20-mile walk, started long-distance biking, hiking in the mountains, running and general good health and exercise awareness. Kennedy believed and convinced a large part of our nation to follow him. That’s how I feel about yoga practice today.

I think yoga has something for everyone. We know through various studies that yoga helps to eliminate ills and or helps to cure them. High blood pressure is one of the most outstanding examples of a type of disease that can be cured/eliminated by practicing yoga.

I hope that my enthusiasm for yoga as your teacher will inspire you to work towards a steady, daily yoga practice as a part of your health care program.

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